Best combination in purple

Spring flowers with a strong Turkish Coffee should be awarded the best combination that exists in the universe.

Joyful moments!

Wishing you a day full of joyful moments!

Life is better with flowers and coffee. This combination will give you the energy for a full day.

Reward yourself!

Reward yourself with a cup of freshly roasted coffee.

Here’s to fresh coffee, sunshine, blooming flowers, and all the other simple but glorious pleasures in life.

Beauty of nature

The beauty of a silent sea, a good book, pink-white fragrant roses, and coffee: All you need.

Coffee and flowers

Live on coffee and flowers. Try not to worry what the weather will be.”


Matthew Donald Berninger

American singer-songwriter

Photo Gallery

Best coffee pictures!

Turkish coffee

Türk kahvesi, Turkish coffee, kahve sunumu, kahve, coffee

Coffee and books

Türk kahvesi, Turkish coffee, kahve sunumu, kahve, coffee, Turkish coffee

Coffee in nature

Türk kahvesi, Turkish coffee, kahve sunumu, kahve, coffee, Turkish coffee


Coffee and beyond…
Türk kahvesi, Turkish coffee, kahve sunumu, kahve, coffee, Turkish coffee

Coffee and Flowers: Two Natural Beauties

Vivid spring flowers and coffee with its unique flavor Hyacinth that enchants with its sweet fragrance and appearance… The elegant orchid flower with its simple appearance… Colorful violets that adorn not only balconies but also streets and gardens, adorning the universe with their appearance… Lavender that represents the boundless joy of spring… The purple hyacinth…

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coffee grounds in filter

10 Creative Uses for Coffee Grounds

Unleash the Power of Coffee Grounds What do you do with the coffee grounds once you’re finished with your coffee? If you’re just throwing them away, you’re wasting a valuable resource! Used coffee grounds have a surprising number of hidden talents. You can use coffee grounds for a variety of different tasks, both in and…

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Roasted coffee types

Medium vs. Dark Roast Coffee: Exploring the Differences

Medium vs. Dark Roast Coffee Coffee enthusiasts often find themselves faced with the delightful dilemma of choosing between medium and dark roasted coffee. While both offer unique flavors and characteristics, understanding the differences between them can enhance your coffee experience. Let’s delve into the world of medium and dark roasted coffee to uncover their distinct…

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