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Coffeenade: Blend of Coffee and Lemonade

Coffeenade is a delicious drink that combines the rich taste of coffee with the refreshing tang of lemon and the bubbly fizz of tonic water. It’s been gaining popularity in the beverage world for its distinct flavor profile and refreshing twist on traditional coffee drinks. This unique drink offers a refreshing alternative to traditional coffee beverages.

Origins and Inspiration

The coffeenade was born in Indonesia where has a strong coffee culture with various coffee tastes. In addition to their various natural coffee flavors, they also mix coffee with other tastes. Mixing coffee with mango juice or lemon are quite common in Indonesia. Although coffeenade is well known drink in Indonesia, it was not spread to the world. If you have chance to visit Indonesia, you should try this local coffee taste.

There were rumors that Nestle is preparing to release coffeenade as a mass production. However, it was not done yet. Instead, another Swiss company launched coffeenade as a soda in Geneva, Switzerland. They introduced it as their flagship product, a sparkling coffee lemonade, in 2023.

The ingredients of Coffeenade

Coffeenade is centered around a shot of espresso, giving it a strong flavor and a boost of caffeine to wake you up. Freshly squeezed lemon juice adds a tangy kick and a burst of citrusy flavor. For an extra touch, tonic water or carbonated water is included, adding a gentle fizz that tickles your taste buds.

Coffeenade in glass


In short, Coffeenade is a shining example of creativity and innovation in the beverage world. Mixing coffee, lemon, and tonic water creates a refreshing change from typical coffee drinks, appealing to both coffee enthusiasts and casual drinkers. Whether you sip it in the morning for a boost or in the afternoon for a refresher, Coffeenade is bound to lift your spirits and leave you feeling invigorated.